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What are the Land Survey Equipment that are Used Today?

Land surveys have been conducted since ages ago. There were tools created to survey the land in order to measure it. To learn more about Land Surveying, visit In the course of time, the surveying tools have improved, and they are used by many land owners to know exactly how much land they had and that no one is using the land that they own.

Today, we still use the same surveying equipment but with a lot of different upgrades. These are many technological changes that we can find in modern land survey equipment. This industry has also been revolutionized with the use of computer technology.

Land surveying tools used before are still being used now although with many additional features that our technological advanced age has brought into it. One popular instrument is the theodolite.This can measure both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of a land area.

The theodolite is still being used for surveying land but with many up-to-date technological features. One of the improvements made on the theodolite is that it is not an electronic device. It is now called the electronic measuring device or total stations. They now include computer components and are run by software. Although this is the same instrument as the theodolite of old, it is actually a completely new one with all its modern features and functions.

GPS surveying is another land survey equipment used in the present day. Although very beneficial, the GPS land survey equipment is not as accurate as other types of measure equipment. The way GPS systems work is by satellite technology. Images are transmitted by the GPS to the satellite and back. When files are being transferred, data can be lost. To learn more about Land Surveying, click AGS. Its accuracy is affected in areas where there are plenty of trees. And this is why they still need the total stations and other types of land survey equipment. One method is used by some land survey companies so that they will have a more detailed survey. They use helicopters to double check the reading that were conducted at eye level.

Although today, technology has become more advanced, but in land survey equipment, the old methods are still being used and have not become obsolete because these methods are tried and true. Even as the industry continues to change, their methods are still based on technologies invented by the forefathers. In order to offer the most accurate surveys, new technologies and old methods are combined. This is something important to know.Learn more from

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